Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Autumn is officially upon us and so far this week we've had lovely sunny days. This morning was gorgeous on our walk across the heather and got a few lovely photos using a different lens I'm trying out which I borrowed from my Father in Law!!! Its a 28-135mm and is light enough for me to carry about and use without a tripod. Work today, at least its nice and sunny!!! City tomorrow. Must go get Alex a little something for his birthday which is this Sunday. He wants some driving lessons so we will buy him a course of those when he's ready but he must have something to open on the day!!! We've allowed him to have a party here on Saturday night, about 20+ teenagers coming along. Neil, Kim, Lucy and I are going to stay at my Mums as alot of them will sleep on the floor Saturday night!!! And it gives them the morning to tidy the place up!!!

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