Monday, 21 September 2009

What a weekend!

This weekend proved to be very, very busy. Saturday was my scrapbooking club and there were loads of ladies busy scrapping and buying stash from the Indigo Mill Shop. I was really pleased that a friend at the club has asked me to take some informal photos of her and her husband at the end of October. They are renewing their wedding vows next month and want some relaxed photos to commemorate the event. Got to think of some nice places to go now with lots of Autumnal colours!!!

Sunday Neil and I took Lucy for a lovely walk along the river near Aylsham where we saw a Heron and a very fast flying Kingfisher! Unfortunately going too fast for a photo, but one day!! We stopped at the In-Laws for a cup of tea and found out about a place near Aylsham where you can see owls. A local man has set up some stands for the owls to come land on so close to dusk last night Neil and I went out to find the place and set up the camera. The man that set the posts up came along when we there and was telling us that he had been coming to this spot for two years, about once a week and he had got some lovely photos and he had seen three different ones there. Managed to get a couple of good ones before it got too dark (and too cold!!!) and will definitely be going out there again next weekend. While we were there some other people came along to see the owls and told us that they had just seen four Kingfishers!! So now we know where to go for these!!! I can see another busy weekend coming up!!On the way to the owls last night we stopped at this place a friend had told me about where there were alot of deer. You are able to park nearby and get close to the fence and get some good photos. They are on a large park belonging to the Gunton Estate, never seen so many stags together. They are very flighty though and the smallest noise they run off. Another place to keep going back to to get that 'perfect' photo.And because I can't leave her out here are a few photos of Lucy!!!

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