Monday, 28 September 2009

Start of a new week

Where does the time go? When I think back to what I did last week I can't think of anything exciting but boy did it go by quickly!! Worked four days again last week which only left me one day to get out and about. Wednesday I went into the city to get Alex a few bits and pieces for his birthday yesterday, not that he wanted much, only money and driving lessons!

Friday after tea Neil and I drove out to our owl place to see if they were about. We did see one but way in the distance so no photos then but will keep going back each week. Its very exciting sitting there waiting for them to appear and trying to get a good photo. Before tea last night Neil and I drove to Coltishall as we had been told of sightings of Kingfishers there. We sat at the tables by the river (belonging to the pub!!!) and within half an hour three appeared! They were across the river though and even with my 300mm lens they were abit too far away but did get a few nice ones (click on photo to see it closer!!). They are small birds and very, very quick!!!

Last week we had a lovely sunset and managed to get a photo from our garden before it disappeared.

Saturday was spent shopping and getting the house ready for Alex's 17th birthday party - 20 teenagers were invited and half of them slept on the floor that night! Neil, Kim, Lucy and I went to Mum and Dads for the night as Alex didn't want us coming back too early! We went back to the house about 10.30am and there were a few of them still there and they had tidied up - well they had tidied up to the best of their ability!! I then spent the rest of the morning re-tidying!!! Alex's girlfriend Jess made him this cake which was a lovely chocolate cake inside.
Neil has this week off and we were thinking of decorating the lounge/dining room!! Not sure if it will happen though once Neil starts looking at the work he will have to do and the furniture he'll have to move! We've got a couple of days going out and about. Lucy has to go to the vets in the morning for her consultation and then goes into the vets again Thursday to have a camera put down her throat to check her lungs and an x-ray taken of her hips and legs. Going to make Neil take her in on Thursday so he can be the horrible parent!!!

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