Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Blog Updated!

Have added some photos of the painters drawer that I worked on on Sunday. I had to give it a good clean as it still had ink all over it, then I sanded it down and lastly used a wood stain over it all. Obviously the bits that look yucky will all be covered up with photos, papers, embellishments etc, just got to work out what I want on there!!! With around 53 squares it might take a while!

Being very industrious this week (I don't know why!!) so far I have:
* cleaned the car in and out
* weeded garden
* scrubbed kitchen and utility room floor
* been to see my Nan
* watered my parents plants
* been to supermarket
* sorted out utility room
Now off to clean lounge windows and then tidy up my craft room before meeting a friend for coffee at 2pm!!!!
I've added a few more blogs that I follow on the list on the right hand side and to the Inspiration section.


domestic goddess said...

love the painters drawers!

Jane said...

id have to keep them naked lol