Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wacky Wednesday!!

No, not really!!! Quiet Wednesday actually. Alex was out at a party last night and sleptover and came back home about 7.30am so he's gone to bed! Kim is now going to the pictures with friends to see GForce (looks good!). Very warm and muggy here today, dog is hot and trying to sleep, think I'm going to go and do some crafting for a little while. Got alot of things I'm wanting to start or finish but can't get motivated to do it!!! Typical when I've got the time to do it.

Found this lovely bridge that goes over a lake at the weekend not far from us that is absolutely full of lily pads. Went back this morning to see if they had started to open but they havn't, took a 'before' picture and will go back at the weekend to see if they have opened, should make a lovely photo.

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