Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Productive Day

Amazing what a day at home can produce.  After doing the normal everyday chores - walking Lucy, washing in, washing out, dishes etc I settled in for a crafting and sewing session.  I managed:

  • To get upto date on my Learn Something New Everyday class (eight entries)
  • Cover and decorate a small mini book to put quotes in
  • Decorate a small Kraft Notebook I bought from Paperchase
  • Started and completed a layout using some toddler photos I found of Kimberley
  • Sewed a cover for my sewing machine


Vicky Hayes said...

I've really enjoyed browsing your blog. It's full of all my favourite things - gorgeous bunting, beautiful scrapbooking pages, yummy food, nature and you live in lovely Norfolk too - we holidayed there a lot when my children were little and fell in love with the place!

domestic goddess said...

tahnks for your comment on my blog, had to pop over when you said you were a spaniel lover, and had to say how gorgeous Lucy is!!!