Monday, 6 September 2010

Back to normal?

Well, nearly!  Kimberley went back to school today but not until after ten as they let the new Year 7's have a little while on their own to get settled.  Alex doesn't go back to College till tomorrow and then just for one hour I think so he's happy!  Today was catch up day and the house has had a thorough clean and I even cleaned most of the carpets using Mother-In-Laws Vax carpet cleaner which was so easy to use and I've done the ironing so feeling I need a day off tomorrow to do some crafting catch ups.

This is the cover of my mini tag album for Shimelle's class 'Learn Something New Everyday'.  I've printed out all the pages I need for the days of September and have been keeping notes of what's been happening each day so fingers crossed I'll get started journalling tomorrow on some of the pages.

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ally said...

i love your tags that you are using