Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday

Fairly quiet Bank Holiday Weekend for us, the weather playing a major part of course, wind and lots of rain so no photo opportunities.  Kimberley took this one of Lucy and I, that dog does like her cuddles especially at the moment as shes not feeling too well, we think it s some tummy complaint as shes off her food and is feeling very sorry for herself.  If shes not better tomorrow it will be another trip to the vets.

Neil and I have been out together twice this week probably the only times all year!  Thursday night we went out for a meal with our friends to an Indian restaurant, this was my first visit to an Indian and although I enjoyed the meal (I only had a very mild korma!) I wouldn't rush back, think I prefer a Chinese.  We're going to try Thai next I think.  Saturday night we went to a wedding reception at Caister Hall, one of Neil's karate friends got married.  Was a lovely evening with a lovely buffet and loud music!!

Neil's been busy staining the panels for our new shed as the back of our old one just fell apart so he will be putting that up this week.  Kim and I have been messing about in the craft room trying all different techniques etc and of course making a cake or two!!  Lots of blackberries about at the moment so went blackberry picking yesterday and got enough to make three crumbles (made one and froze the rest).

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