Saturday, 24 July 2010

Peacocks & Delphiniums

A few more photos from our recent Staycation in Yorkshire.  The delphinium flowers and purple peacock were taken at Castle Howard but the white peacock we saw on a farm as we were driving past!!  The peacocks can be very fast birds when they want to be!  The lavendar photos were taken at Yorkshire Lavendar which was a great place with a lovely coffee shop where I was quite brave and had lavendar and blueberry jam on my scone, didn't go as far as having lavendar scones though!!

Yesterday was my last day of working at the junior school as a Midday Supervisory Assistant, I've been there for six years and it was definitely time for a change so I'm so pleased that I've now started doing relief Library Assistant work at our local libraries.  Had two sessions this week and another days course at County Hall and have quite a few hours to do next week, so far so good!!

Kids finished school now for the summer holidays - five weeks of long lie-ins for them I expect!

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