Monday, 7 June 2010

Macro/Close Up Lens Filters

I recently bought a set of   Macro Close Up Lens Filters for my camera to use with one of my lenses to be able to get some close up shots of flowers etc. They cost me the grand sum of £10.95, alot cheaper than a macro lens which would have cost about £250-300, so these filters will do me for a while as i don't do too much macro photography.  Today Neil and I went to Fairhaven Gardens in South Walsham.  We went there about 17 years ago and it hadn't really changed that much except for the nice addition of a tea rooms!  So after a cappucino and fruit scone we dodged the showers and had a play with the macro lens.  It took a while to work out how to use it and then when we did realised you definitely need a tripod to keep it steady but these are the best of the bunch.  The gardens were full of rhododendrons out in flower and lots of  varieties of Primulas.  The gardens are on the South Walsham Broads so we had a nice walk along the broads watching the terns swooping down catching their dinner. 


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos once again!!

Lavender stamper said...

Hi Alison,

I'm Lisa's son Dan and I love the photos you took at Fairhaven :)

I actually did my Summer Project for Photography there, something they asked us to do before we started the course to get a feel for it. I wish I could have taken a nifty 50 down there, having recently used one for the past few months, it's barely left the front of my Sony :)

I've got a 1:2 macros lens, would those close-up filters allow me to get any closer than that do you know?

Cheers, Dan :)