Saturday, 5 June 2010

BBQ Weather!!

Absolutely gorgeous weather here for the last few days and today seems to be the hottest.  We're getting ready to have some friends round for a BBQ later today, chicken is marinated, beers are cooling (or J20's for me!!!) House has been tidied, kids are actually up and out of bed!!

Had to put the cone on Lucy yesterday after our visit to the vets.  We thought she hadn't been licking it but the vet said she had as she had made it sore so she must have done it the night before so on went the cone and she was not happy at all!!  She's better with it today and as long as I can see her I've been taking it off for a little while as it so hot for her today.  Fingers crossed it will start healing quickly and she won't have to wear the cone all week.  Have to take her back to the vets Friday to have the stitches out.  I did think about decorating the cone to make it look prettier!!!


Sam R said...

just wait until she learns how to use the cone! wihen prince had to have one he soon worked out how to use it to his advantage as he had extra scope for getting hings off work tops etc.

BBQ Weather said...

Hi glad you enjoyed the weather, for your BBQ