Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kimberley's Birthday Photos

My daughter was FIFTEEN yesterday, can't believe it really, shes such a lovely girl and keeps me laughing all the time!!  As she didn't want a party or anything for her birthday i made her pancakes for breakfast before school and then made her the cupcakes (as the previous post) for when she came home and a visit to Mum and Dads to open some presents,  and then we had a Chinese takaway for our tea!!

We took Lucy back to the vets yesterday to have her stitches out, she was so good and the wound had healed really well but she has one little bit which is still red so she has to keep her cone on for a couple more days to stop her licking it and making it worse.  We took her out for a proper walk this morning somewhere  open with no woods or anything to catch her leg so shes abit happier today!!!

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