Sunday, 2 May 2010

Taking a break from decorating!

Neil and I have been decorating my craft room since Friday!  Friday we finished emptying the room and filling any holes etc in the walls.  Yesterday we put on about three coats of white paint over the red that we had on there and then a visit to the paint shop to choose a colour.  Went with a very pale green on three walls and a darker green on the fourth which was a Cath Kidston Apple green, it was only £5.00 a tin!!  Last coat of paint on this morning and now Neil is glossing the skirting boards and door etc .  We then have to finish fitting a workbench Neil has put together that I will use for my sewing machine, Sizzix etc so I can leave it out and keep my desk free of clutter and then we have to put together my Expedit which might be tomorrows job!
While I was drinking my cuppa I put together this digital layout using some of the photos from the Ali Edwards Week in My Life that I took part in.

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KIM! said...

Lovely colour!!