Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Going to be a scorcher today!

upto 21C apparently!  Lovely walk in the sun this morning, Lucy was full of the joys of Spring as she didn't get to go on a long walk yesterday as we took our friend Wendy down to Heathrow leaving at 3am which was a shock to the system but did get to the airport in three hours as less traffic at that time of day!!  It was a long day but enjoyable as we stopped at Bluewater Shopping Centre which we've never been too before and I thought it was great, better than Lakeside, less busy and classier!!  Then onto Ikea as I wanted to get a white storage unit for my newly-decorated-to-be craft room!! 

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Lavender stamper said...

You got the unit then, I cant wait to see thr pictures of the finished room.
Have a lovely decorating day.