Saturday, 3 April 2010

Busy so far!!

Been a busy few days so far!  Thursday I met Mum in the city and she bought me an early Easter present, the words Eat from Next which are in the exact colours of our kitchen!!  Yesterday I spent most of the day sorting my craft room out, emptying most of it to make room for a bed for our visitor on Wednesday!  It gave me a great chance to sort my stash out and get rid of stuff that I'll never use.  In the afternoon we popped out to see my Nan for a little while and had a cup of tea with her!

Today we took Lucy out for a lovely walk to a new place we found near Holt, the weather held out for us and was dry and abit sunny.  We then parked in Holt and went and had a coffee and scone in the town which was lovely and then we went onto Cromer for a quick  look around but it was so busy we didn't stay long.  Then we had to do a supermarket shop and then when we got home I cleaned the car, inside and out!!!  Now waiting for Neil to cook our tea (Chinese) and waiting for the new Dr Who to start.

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