Wednesday, 31 March 2010

More Crate paper!!!

A few more layouts using Crate paper done this week, did I say I love this paper!!!  The first layout 'pink' is a photo of Lucy with her, sorry my, pink poodle I bought a few years ago and has been sitting on my shelf all that time until a few months back when someone nicked it!!!  Second layout 'I Wish' I saw on the Crate blog and took the general idea from one of the layouts on there as I loved the simplicity of it but it also has a story.  The third layout is of Lucy (again!) just to journal about her overactive nose more than anything!!

Its been a miserable wet and windy day here today, don't think our Easter break is going to be very sunny and warm this year like previous years.  I've now got two weeks off work and the kids finish tomorrow which they are really looking forward to!!!

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