Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow = Camera Heaven!

Loving all the snow that we've had over the weekend.  Saturday morning we took Lucy to one of our local walks round the lakes and it was lovely,  a winter wonderland.  While we were there it started snowing as well, Lucy had a great time, she loves the snow and acts like a puppy! 

On Sunday we headed into Norwich as the Ice Sculpture Trail was taking place again.  They've had this for a few years now and think this year's was the best.The sculptures are created from approximately 10 tonnes of ice and are hand carved by a team of five over 3 months in London and then delivered to Norwich.  It was absolutely freezing though, don't think it got above 1C yesterday but excellent for the sculptures.  So we had a walk round the city finding the sculptures then went to Starbucks for a warm up drink!

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