Saturday, 19 December 2009

Schools Out!

School is finished now for two weeks.  Had a good last day yesterday, the Head Teacher allowed all the children onto the field which was covered in snow to have snowball fights and boy did they make the most of it !  Once they knew they were allowed to get most of us dinner ladies it was a free for all!!  Made the lunchhour go by very quickly!!!  After I got home and thawed out I finished this layout which I did using some Making Memories Miseltoe papers.

We have had a Robin come and feed in our garden for a while now but its very nervous and doesn't stay for long when the other birds are about but yesterday afternoon it was around for a while, whether it was hungry because of the snow i don't know but I managed to set my  camera up from Kim's window and got a few photos of it that I'm pleased with.

We had abit more snow last night, not as much as other parts of Norfolk but looking forward to going abit further afield this morning on our walk to get some nice snow scenes and yes, maybe one or two of Lucy!!!

Back Later!

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