Monday, 12 October 2009


Another weekend gone by very quickly. Yesterday Neil and I took Lucy out for a walk as she is getting so fed up with lead walks. We decided to go to Horsey Mill near the North Norfolk Coast where we had been before and knew that there wasn't too much for her to run off and chase! Some parts we had to put her on the lead but walking by the river she was fine. Got some more photos of the mill when we had our coffee and hot chocolate break!!
Digital template by Cathy Zielse, here.
Neil took Kim and her friends to the UEA last night for a concert. Now that they are all 14 they can go without parental supervision much to their delight! He dropped them right off at the doors though which I'm sure wasn't cool!! They went to see Go Audio who were the support band with Mcfly last year and there were also two other warm up groups which the girls loved and Kim got her arm signed!!! Neil took the photo of Kim and her 'signed' arm when she got back!

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