Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Been naughty!

Couldn't resist buying this lens yesterday after seeing it in action on Monday night! And its so good!!! Only used it for a few piccies but the difference is brilliant, can't wait to go somewhere nice to try it out again this week.
Monday night I drove out to a small village near Dereham in the dark which I hate by the way to attend a photography workshop called 'Photography for Dogs'. As it was an evening workshop no actual photos of dogs were taken but we spent over two hours learning about the best settings, looking at examples, showing our own dog photos and getting help and advice. I really enjoyed it. Suzanne the lady who runs the workshop is lovely and doesn't mind answering any of your questions. You can see more of her courses here.

Anyway, back to the lens! The lens is a fixed Prime lens and goes down to f/1.8 for those brilliant blurred background photos you see. Its also very small and very light which makes a change from the other heavy lenses I've got. Going to be great for portrait photos, close up of dogs and the kids!!!

Out of the house early today, walked Lucy about 7.15, just a quick one as she had a longer one yesterday and shes still on quiet walks, then dropped Alex off at 6th Form and then straight to the hairdressers for 9am!!! Got work today as well, an extra shift (need to pay for this lens somehow!!!).

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Lydia said...

So jelous, I am hoping for one of those lenses for christmas, congrats and have fun!