Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What did I learn today?

Today was Day 3 of the Photoshop Elements Online course and today it was all about creating a vintage, handpainted look on your photos. Not really my cup of tea but I had a go and I added a Stamp from yesterdays class.

Went into the city today with Judith, didn't have much to do except change some trainers I had got for Alex that were leather and he wouldn't wear them (he's a vegetarian!!!). We went to Starbucks and got our fix, I love their coffee. You can get the Starbucks coffee discs for the Tassimmo machine I've got but its not the same.
Another day of the odd rain shower and the temperature has dropped down to about 17-18C, abit different from the 23-25C we've been having.
Tomorrow I'm taking Alex and some mates to one of our local beaches, this time Eccles Beach, they are staying in a friends beach house for the night and back Friday. Going to take Lucy for a walk on the beach before I head home and of course take my camera with me!!!

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