Thursday, 9 July 2009

Day Four: Clipping Masks

Just done the tutorial for Day 4: Clipping Masks - A clipping mask is basically a shape - any shape - that you can "clip" your photo onto, to cause your photo to conform itself to that shape. The shape that we used today was just a basic rectangle one but you get the idea, hopefully!!

Been a very busy day today. This morning I had to take Alex to his 6th Form College to have an interview with the 6th Form Head and to pick up his timetable for his classes in September. He has some classes at Taverham and some at Hellesdon with a school buses to get him there and back. His timetable though is a nightmare. For example on a Tuesday he has Pyschology at Hellesdon then back to Taverham for Classics, then back again to Hellesdon for Philosophy and then back home to Taverham, and alot of the days are like that. I can see that my taxi services will be used alot, good job the 6th Form is only about ten minutes away.
After that it was back to Taverham to pick up some of Alex's friends and I then drove them to Eccles on Sea a little seaside place near Sea Palling on the North Norfolk Coast. Took about an hour. They are all staying there the night, about 15 teenagers!!! I had Lucy in the car and we drove to Sea Palling and had a lovely walk along the beach and the dunes armed with my new camera (of course!!). Lucy even had a play on the sand with a huge Great Dane and I mean huge, he was only eleven months old and still growing, his name was Merlin!

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Jane said...

CRIKEY!! THATS WHAT I RAN INTO AGED 8 DOH!!! she looks soooo small!!!