Sunday, 5 July 2009

Time Flies

Yesterday was an absolute scorcher here in Norfolk, the sun was out all day and it was hot!! Neil and I did a couple of hours on the Allotment stall at the fayre and most of it was in the sun, think Neil got caught with sunburn more than me!! Thats what sunblocks for!!!
After the fayre we had to go to the supermarket but it was surprisingly quiet (think everyone was at the beach or watching Wimbledon!!!). We were going to have a BBQ but Kim went off for a sleepover and Alex wasn't well (he had been asleep most of the day complaining of aches and pains) so it was just sausages cooked in pan in the kitchen instead! Too hot to do much more.

I tried to get my daughter to let me take some photos of her in the garden yesterday so I could practise with my camera, she was not very co-operative to say the least!

Today I'm hoping that we will be going out to How Hill to have a look around and for me to get to use my camera. Its years since I went there with the kids class when they were in first school. But first I must get Lucy out on her walk, back later. x

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