Monday, 6 July 2009

A Day Out + Windmills

Yesterday was another gorgeous day so after walking Lucy Neil and I set off for How Hill which is only just over half an hour away from us (well it is with Neil driving!). We had a lovely walk by the river with me taking lots of photos of the windmills etc, so here are a few!! There was a longer riverside walk but we didn't do that one yesterday, Neil was suffering abit with the heat but we will definitely go back in a few weeks to do it properly. There's also a Wildlife Water Trail you can go on in an electric boat along the dykes, takes about 50 minutes and should be great to get up close and personal with the birds, butterflies etc. Next time. Click on photos for closer look.

Ended up with a very hot dog this morning on our walk!

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Stephanie Parsloe said...

How beautiful, I remember going to How Hill on a school week away when I was younger.

I love your piccies, they are always so well taken, well done you!

Steph x