Friday, 24 July 2009


Think this photo shows who is in charge here!!! This is how we sit on our beanbags on the decking when the weather is nice, Lucy has to lie down on the green one next to me all the time and gets very excited when she sees me taking the bean bags outside, shes a weird dog!!!

Jane came round today and gave me a fabulous present she had made for me. Now usually I'm the one that makes mini books and albums for everyone, although I do make my own mini books obviously but this was different. She put together this little 'Reading Log' with enough pages in it to put eight different books as she knows that I read alot!!!! Going to put my fave books of 2009 in this one I think. Starting with Twilight!!! Excuse the awful photo the light was terrible inside and raining outside!

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Jane said...

I so enjoyed making it and I so knew you of all people would cert make use of it yr like a little book worm lol So glad you liked it !! xxxxx