Sunday, 28 June 2009

Weekend nearly over!

Well another weekend is nearly over. At the moment its pouring down with rain and its lovely! Its been very humid and muggy this weekend so we needed some rain to clear the air abit. Had a busy day yesterday getting ready for a BBQ we did for friends and the kids friends, there were about ten of us altogether and we actually stayed outside till about 10pm as it was nice and warm.

Today Kimberley and I went into the city to see my Nan as its her birthday tomorrow, she will be 87!
Kim and I then walked into the city and did abit of shopping but only bought a present for Kim's friend for her birthday, thats it!!! Very disappointing!

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Stephanie Parsloe said...

Your daughter is the spitting image of you. Happy Birthday too - 87 is great, plenty more years of scrapping for her to go!