Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Its hot, hot, hot!!

England is in the grip of a heatwave and its lovely! Bright blue skies lots of sun, lovely. About 30C today. Unfortunately not everyone likes the heat! Lucy doesn't seem too! Shes just been lazing about all day, no energy, trying to sleep! I make sure that we get out early for our walk before it gets too hot! The kids are fed up with BBQ's already! But its so easy to just chuck something on the BBQ and add a salad, its great. But I've promised tonight we'll have a 'proper' tea as they call it!

I finished a layout this afternoon thats been on my desk for a week but I can't take a photo of it yet as I have no camera! My Father-in-Law has taken it to a camera shop to see if he can trade it in for an updated camera which he's going to treat me to!!! (I don't get Xmas or birthday money for a few years I think!!). Hes looking to getting himself and me a Canon 500D, so fingers crossed!!! Will update later if I get it today or not.
Picture of heather taken at my Nan's communal gardens on Sunday , the smell was lovely.
I'm off out with a friend tomorrow for coffee somewhere, hopefully somewhere with air conditioning!!!

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Sasha said...

OMGosh I hate the heat .. lol. But New Mexico heat is so much better than Georgia heat .. LOL .. I guess cuz of the humidity .. and overseas is about the same ..

Hope your weekend is going to be great