Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Monday Catch Up!

Been a busy few days around here! I spent all of last week doing the 40th birthday mini album for a friend's sister and got that finished by Friday in time for her birthday!! Spent the weekend going on long walks to new places with Lucy which she loved and spent alot of time in the garden potting up my plants and bedding plants in time for the rain today!!

Kim and I spent Bank Holiday Monday sprawled out on the sofa watching films nearly all day, we were absolutely shattered! On Sunday I drove Kim and her two friends down to Ipswich to see Mcfly at the Ipswich Regent Theatre! We drove down in the late afternoon and found a McDonalds for tea and then into the theatre at 7pm. The girls were so excited and did alot of screaming and jumping up and down. I was the designated photographer (what else!!!). They were very good and it was nice to be inside in the warm instead of outside in the rain like last year in Thetford Forest!! We got back home about midnight and the girls were quiet all the way back!!! They stayed the night as it was so late but not alot of talking going on that night although I did hear them planning who to see next!! Having the Sat Nav definitely was a godsend and made it so much easier to get where we were going.

The girls decided to 'dress up' for the concert and all wore bright tights and shorts or skirts! Had to take their photo before we left.

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