Sunday, 10 May 2009

Its the Weekend!

And what a busy one its been, so far!!! Yesterday Neil and I took Kim into the city so she could choose a new mobile phone as part of her early birthday present as hers just keeps falling apart. She had seen two that she liked in the Orange mobile shop and it took her about half an hour to decide which one she wanted!!! We then had to go and sort out a new mattress for her bed as her springs had gone, so that was done and should be delivered tomorrow. Neil and I then decided in the late afternoon to trim Lucy as her fur had started getting long and matted again. We spent an hour getting no-where really and had to give up as the clippers were just not working properly so we were left with a half done dog! Argos to the rescue! We dashed to our local one and managed to get there before they closed and got some news ones, then back home again and another half an hour to finish her off! She was not a happy dog!!! So tea was late and while Kim and Neil watched Britains Got Talent I took Lucy for a well deserved walk!!
This morning we woke up to gorgeous sunshine and it was definitely t-shirt weather. We decided to go back to our favourite place with all the bluebells and they were all out, it was a fabulous sight, I have never seen so many bluebells in one place, the photos do not do it justice but I've tried!!

Back in a while, got to go to Asda now!!!

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