Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Weekend

Well the start of the Easter Weekend started off so nice. Yesterday, Good Friday, was sunny and hot all day but this morning we're back to rain and mist but its not cold so thats a bonus!! Yesterday we all went off in different directions! Kim went into the city with her friends to see the new Zac Efron movie then she came back for ten minutes and went out again with a friend and her family to see another movie and for tea and they ended up back here about 10pm for a sleepover! Alex went to the park all day and I do believe my pale faced older child is getting abit of a tan!!! but don't tell him!! Neil went to the rubbish tip and tidied the garage and did some veggie things!!

I went into the city to see my Nan and we walked to the Cathedral (Norwich) which is about five minutes from her house and walked around the outside and found parts we've never been to before! We then went very civilised and went to The Maids Head Hotel for a cup of tea! Took a few photos of the lovely blossoms around the Cathedral Close and we found The Great Hospital which we had never seen before. The magnolia trees and blossom trees looked lovely yesterday in the sunshine.

We stopped at our allotment yesterday as well so I could take a few new pictures for the allotment blog that I'm now doing for the Committee. We now have more land next to the original plots for people that were on our waiting list so some new people were getting their plots ready to plant. Altogether there are now about 60 plots and a waiting list for more.

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