Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Neil and I had a nice time last night at the Norwich 12 Photo Exhibition Launch Party - well its wasn't really a party although there were glasses of free wine or juice to be had! The Forum had done some lovely displays with our photos and made them huge!! I was very relieved when I saw mine as it did look great enlarged so big. Made Neil take some photos of me next to mine of course! I was the only one there taking photos so obviously no other scrappers there!! I took a photo from the Forum steps as well to get a view of the displays and Kim took some photos when we got home of me holding my prizes from my Goodie Bag. I got an enlarged framed photo, some postcards of my photo and a souvenir postcard pack of all the winners and a few other Norwich related items. I loved the comments that the judges made!

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Jane said...

oooo check you out - will they let you have that board after!!! proud buddy moment here!!! well done!