Monday, 23 March 2009

Start of the Week

Tonight Neil and I are off to the launch of the Norwich 12 Photography Exhibition held in Norwich at The Forum. My photo one one of the categories and all the winning 12 photos are going to be on display all week in the Forum. Tonight its like a little launch party and we receive our goodie bag!!! Going to make sure Neil takes some photos of me tonight for a change!! My winning photo was for the category of Surrey House - Erected on the site of the house of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517-1547), Surrey House is a Grade I listed building. It was designed by local architect George Skipper as the new headquarters for The Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, now Aviva. The main hall (known as Marble Hall) is magnificent - it incorporates over 15 types of marble, originally destined for Westminster Cathedral. The hall has a spectacular glass-domed ceiling, of around 11m in diameter and contains an innovative Edwardian air conditioning system.

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Jane said...

Exciting stuff - make sure he takes pics lol - if not take Kim lol Have a great night - well deserved as a great shot xxxxx toot toot