Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gatwick, Tears, Spring Cleaning!!

Yesterday we took Laura and Jess back to Gatwick Airport to catch their flight back to New Zealand. A long day with a 10am start and we got home about 10.30pm. We spent a few hours in Lakeside Shopping Centre which the girls enjoyed but to be honest we have the same shops here in Norwich and with alot less people. Although what shops they had were all laid out neatly especially Primark which can be so messy and untidy up here. I managed to get myself a bag in H&M which will fit my big DSLR camera and other bits when I go out and about so pleased about that. There were a few tears as the girls were going off with their escort lady, I admit I think I started it off and then Jess couldn't stop - I'm sorry Jess!!! Kim held it together until after we waved them through and then the tears came. They are going to miss each other alot, they have a great friendship which hopefully will continue for ever and I'm sure they will see each other again one day.

Today was spent spring cleaning! Been putting it off but it was a good opportunity today to get it all done and feel better now that I have. It leaves me free this week to get some scrapbooking done (hopefully!).

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cinnibonbon said...

Great pictures...I totally love all your layout too!!

I don't know what your previous banner looked like...but this one is fabulous!!