Friday, 23 January 2009

Blog All Done!

How do you like the new header? Had to have owls really didn't I!!! Jane came round this afternoon and set it all up for me. The owls represent me, Neil, Alex and Kim, got to find something for Lucy!!! Still got a few things to add and tidy up but this will be the main blog for now on. Finished this layout of Twilight (the movie) this week, loved the film!!
Had a busy day with visits to the city and then Kim & Jess having friends round to say goodbye to Jess and then a late tea!! Now looking for a film to watch on the TV in a little while.
Taking Jess and Laura to Gatwick tomorrow. Were leaving about 9am and going to spend a few hours in Lakeside Shopping Centre before taking them to the airport itself. Going to be a tearful day I think!!!

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