Friday, 18 February 2011

Because I'm worth it!!!

Went into the city yesterday and on a whim popped into a hairdressers and had my hair washed, cut and blow dried, it was lovely.  Not much of a change but had it really thinned out and abit of a fringe put in.  This of course showed up more of my grey hairs so it was time for the colouring bottle to come out this morning.  I tried this new one by Loreal which is a mousse which did go on well and I didn't make so much mess like I usually do!!  Taking Kimberley to have her hair cut after school today as she wants a different style, think it will have to be Alex's turn next week!!!

Tomorrow is my scrapbooking crop so looking forward to catching up with everyone and I might even get something done!!  Next week is half term which the kids are so looking forward to, seems a long time since the Xmas break.    Going to try and fit in a visit to the cinema to see Simon Pegg's new film 'Paul', it looks really good and funny.

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