Sunday, 9 January 2011

Just because the sky is blue doesn't mean its not cold!!!

Beautiful blue sky today for the first time it seems in weeks so Neil and I put Lucy in the car and went for a walk along the beach at Cromer armed with my camera (of course!!).  Havn't taken any photos outside for weeks and weeks as the weather has been so bad and the skies so dark.  Today though it was COLD!!!  My hands kept freezing so didn't take too many photos in the end but got some of  Lucy playing on the beach, some of the brightly painted beach huts on the promenade.  Warmed up with a hot chocolate in one of the few cafe's open which was nice then home and I cleaned my car which being grey was absolutely filthy after the snow etc.    Had lunch now going to clean the bathrooms and then do some more work on my art journal.  Back later with some journal photos.

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