Sunday, 19 December 2010

Baking Marathon

At last had time yesterday to do some baking, what is it about Xmas that makes you want to bake?!!!  Make a lemon drizzle cake using my new tin, some mince pies and Kim and her friends make the little Christmas cake minis which we did last year and everyone loved.   Catching up with housework yesterday and then we all had a Chinese takeaway for tea and settled down to watch the finals of Strictly Come Dancing.  I wanted Matt to win but not unhappy that Kara did as she was an excellent dancer.  So cold here at the moment, don't think the daytime temps got above freezing yesterday.  Off out with Lucy and the camera in a little while and then going to spend time in my craft room (fingers crossed!) and got the presents to wrap up too!

Mini Christmas Puds
Take one ready made Xmas pudding (I just use the cheapest from Asda etc) break up into small pieces into a large bowl. Add a little bit of brandy if desired.   Melt two bars of dark chocolate and add to the crumbled up pudding, stir in.  Using your hands grab about a tablespoonful and form into a ball and then put in the fridge to 'set'.  When firm melt two bars of white chocolate and pour over the top of the puddings.  Cut up some red cherries and green angellica to decorate the tops.  All done, easy!!

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