Friday, 5 November 2010

A Night Out

Yesterday was such a busy day and the rest of the weekend looks to be the same!  Yesterday I went into the city and met Mum for some shopping and lunch.  We met Thelma Mums friend for coffee first in the new M&S restaurant thats just opened which is very nice inside and lovely coffee.  Mum and I then went looking for a birthday present for me.  My birthday isn't until Monday but like I say its trying to fit everything in.  Just as we were leaving the restaurant I saw the perfect watch I wanted so Mum bought me that.  Will take piccie later.  We then went to Next and Mum bought me a lovely pink cupcake stand that Kim and I have been wanting for ages so will have to make some cupcakes this weekend.  After a couple more shops we stopped for lunch back in M&S and then bus back home, had a lovely day, its nice to be treated out, thanks Mum!!

Last night the four of us went into the city to the Norwich Playhouse to see the Glaswegian comedian Kevin Bridges. He was very good, not as funny as some we've seen but an enjoyable night out despite it being so hot in the theatre.  Nice for the four of us to go out TOGETHER!!!

Today I've got to take Lucy for a very long walk and tire her out ready for the fireworks tonight.  She never had a problem with fireworks until a few years ago when she went out into the garden and some kids were letting off fireworks right outside our house and they frightened the life out of her, ever since shes been abit of a wreck and I have to sit with her and try and calm her down.  Tomorrow night there will be alot of local displays as well but we've been lucky this year and i've only heard a few fireworks go off over the last week or so.  This afternoon I've got work, tomorrow is all booked up and Sunday we're going round Mum and Dads for a roast dinner.  Neil has Monday off work (which is my birthday) so fingers crossed with the weather we'll go out somewhere with the camera.

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