Monday, 8 November 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Its my birthday today, won't tell you how old I am, will leave you guessing!!  Neil had the day off today and we went off upto Snettisham near King's Lynn to the Snettisham Deer Park for a deer safari.  As it was cold and windy nobody else turned up except us so the owner took us out in his range rover instead of a cart and we got up close and personal with his deer!!  We had a load of food in with us so the deer just followed us about.  One female deer came running to the truck as soon as she saw it and the owner explained that it had been hand reared and always came running first to see him, so sweet!!  There were some big stags but the rutting season had ended and their antlers were gone.  There was a lake in their pastures and loads of them just jumped in and swam over to us.  We had the windows of the truck open and they just kept popping their heads through as I was trying to get their photos!!

After our safari we went onto Hunstanton for lunch and were going to take a walk round and on the beach but the rain started and it was so cold and windy there today  so homeward bound we were in time to pick Kimberley up walking home from school absolutely soaked, no coat, no umbrella!!  Teenagers.

Yesterday we all went round to Mum and Dads for a roast dinner for my birthday and Dad had bought me a lovely rose in a huge pot so was well pleased with that.  Will take photos of presents etc tomorrow in the day light!!  At Mums Kim found some bubbles and couldn't resist!!

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