Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hope you all love animals?!!!!

Kimberley and I went to Banham Zoo yesterday, been waiting for a rain-free day and abit of blue sky for a while now since we heard that they had some baby Snow Leopards there.  Think everybody else had the same idea as we had to queue 20 minutes to pay our money and get in!

Sorry couldn't resist adding an owl photo!!!  Not the greatest photos as alot of them were taken through glass but you can see how cute the cubs were.   We were really lucky to see the Red Panda so clearly this time as they had just given it some bamboo to eat and it sat there for ages eating it.

Alex gets his AS results today, taking him and a friend to the school to pick them up so fingers crossed he gets some good results then come September its his second year of A levels.  He's dropping psychology and the school dropped Classics so he will be doing philosophy/re and history.  Then all he's got to do is start choosing universities!!  Good Luck Alex.xx


stitchstickandsew said...

We went to Banham in June/July just after the baby Snow Leopards were born but we could only see them via a camera link and the father was on the roof of the building in the sunshine

Sam R said...

i was at the zoo wedneaday too!