Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cupcake Heaven!!

Another miserable day here in Norfolk yesterday,  so after a visit to our local craft shop and a coffee and scone with my Mum,  Kim and I got stuck into making some cupcakes, lots of cupcakes!!  We also experimented with some different buttercream icing colours and decorations as you can see!!  They were from this book which I got from the library and is full of great cupcakes to make, going to make some carrot ones next oh and some coconut ones!!

The summer holidays are flying pass, this was the third week and I've had so much library work I havn't had a chance to do any day trips out anywhere with my camera plus the weather has been abit miserable.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day next week.

Kim and I have done some more pages in our Art Journal so will take some photos and post up this weekend.

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Chell said...

Looking yummy!!

I missed that book at the library might have to watch out for that one, as we do like a cupcake or two... we have a ickle saying in our house "I like cake"...

Happy Baking xx