Wednesday, 2 June 2010

£225 poorer!!

Well today didn't turn out as we expected!  Neil and I took Lucy to the Holt Country Park (well the back of it) for a walk this morning and Lucy somehow or other managed to gash her leg really badly and  tore her skin on the leg so we had to take her to the vets.  They took her in right away and had to knock her out and clean it up, cut away some damaged skin and put in stitches.  We picked her up this afternoon still dopey and not very happy, she's been whining all night so far.  We've got one of those cones for her head in case she starts to nibble at the stitches.  We have to take her back to the vets on Friday for them to check it and then the stitches come out in ten days time.  So walks on a lead!!  This cost us £225.00, thank goodness for insurance.

Before we had to leave our walk we noticed this purple field in the distance.  We drove to where we thought the field was and found it was a field of Linseed oil with all its flowers out.


Chell said...

Bless her! How's she doing now? xx

Ann S. said...

Poor old Lucy - as you said, 'thank goodness for insurance'! That would have made a hole in your scrapping funds! Love your photo of the field. Where is it? I'd love to see it myself.

stitchstickandsew said...

poor thing I am glad I read your blog it reminded me to get Sky insured before anything like this happens.
Will see you soon

cathcrops said...

What a fantastic, beautiful photo Alison. :)