Sunday, 30 May 2010

First time i've haggled!!

Yesterday I popped into the city for a few things and was just looking at some bigger backpack camera bags in Jessops.  The one I liked was £59.00 and when the salesperson came up I said no I wasn't interested as it was too much money, so he said come over to the till and I'll see if I can come up with a price for you!  He came up with some sales patter and said it was his discount etc he was using so I thought he would knock off a fiver and was waiting to say no thanks when he said what about £45.00!  So I said what about £40.00 and he said okay!  So got a £59 bag for £40, bargain!  Not that I was really looking for one at the moment but was eventually going to have to get a bigger one to fit in all my lenses and camera etc.


Jane said...

wish you'd have said - i have one doing nothing!!! doh!

Scrapping4fun said...

Typical!!!! Thought you would be using yours!