Saturday, 24 April 2010

Oh Deer!!!

Had a very, very, eventful walk this morning.  Took Lucy to one of the heaths near us and we were heading back to the car when I saw what I thought was one deer just standing there.  Thought my luck was in as I was able to get quite close to it but thought something was wrong when the closer I got it didn't move.  When it did move I realised there were actually TWO deer close together.  They started moving and jumping about and I thought they were fighting but after a while realised that they were actually STUCK together by their antlers.  They were two Roe deer and its unusual for them to get stuck together like that.  I hung around for a while hoping they would get unstuck but they were getting really stressed.  So, cutting a long story short we managed to get two RSPCA Inspectors come out to help.  The deer were so stressed and tired by this time that they were just lying down and were quiet.  One of the inspectors managed to saw off a part of the antler and got them separated and they both went in different directions into a gorse bush to get away from us.  Unfortunately though after a while the Inspectors thought that the smaller one wasn't going to make it so he humanely put it down.  The larger of the two they thought might be okay and we left it in the gorse bush panting away but hopefully it will recover.

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Sam R said...

awww thats so sad :( hopefully one survived