Monday, 15 March 2010

A full Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day and it was quite an enjoyable day!!  Neil and I took Lucy out for her walk in the morning to a lovely place near Aylsham.  As we were putting Lucy in the car I saw a Barn Owl which landed in a tree really close to us so I took my camera with the zoom lens and stalked it with Neil driving the car very slowly behind me!!!    It hung around for a good half an hour flying from the tree above to a post and back again.  This is the closest I've got to a wild Barn Owl and I managed to get my best shots so far. 

Then it was a visit to Neil's Mum with her present then home for lunch and a quick photo shoot with the kids and then Kim and I went round my Mums with her card and some Mothers Day photos!!

Blogger doing some weird things at the moment so can't move the photos in the right place but I'm sure you get the drift!!

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