Sunday, 21 February 2010

Workshop & Crop

Such a busy day yesterday!  In the morning we had our Photography Workshop held by Suzanne at and some of my lovely crop ladies came along to learn how to take their camera settings off of auto!  Luckily for us and maybe unluckily for Abbi (who is Lisa's daughter) we used Abbi as our model for the morning, practising using light and then a quick walk outside for some outdoor light shots.Another workshop is organised for next month on the 20th March 2010, anyone else interested in coming along then please contact me.  We had all types of cameras there - DSLR's, Bridge Cameras and Point and Shoot ones, so it doesn't matter what type of camera you have.
After the workshop it was crop time and I  would like to thank the ladies who put the tables and chairs out while I was packing up the other room, its much appreciated.

Having a lazy morning so far, not got alot of get up and go in me.  Hoping the weather will improve later so I can get out with my camera, feeling inspired!

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