Friday, 5 February 2010

I went out!

I went out last night I think for the first time in over a year, how bad is that!!  I went to the cinema with Mark, my brother who is up from Somerset for a few days, to see the Sherlock Holmes movie.  It was great, well worth giving up an hour or so of sleep for!  Loved the comedy between Holmes and Watson and they've left it open if they want to make another one!

Had a day in the city yesterday with my Mum, Dad and Niece Rhianna.  Did a little bit of shopping (well I had to visit the one and only craft shop in Norwich and they still had their sale on so managed to get a few bits and pieces).  Got a couple of balls of wool for my crocheting and Mum bought the new Scrapbook Trends magazine which i've got to read first!!

Off for a walk now then hoping to do some scrapbooking then work, fingers crossed it doesn't rain!!

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