Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Being Crafty!!

I am still practising my crocheting and have now learnt how to do some hearts - not the most brilliant ones yet I admit but I'm getting there.  There is so much information on the internet about learning to crochet and some great video tutorials on YouTube!

Just been upto my local craft shop with my friend (after a cup of coffee first of course!) and was very surprised that they had a few new bits and pieces, the temptation was strong but I resisted!!  The weather is miserable again today, woke upto more snow but by lunchtime most of it had gone again.  Alex has gone on a school trip to London to a History Conference by train early this morning and not due back till late tonight, think they have some spare time after the conference, fingers crossed he doesn't get lost!!  After school today Kim and her friends are round again for another cookery lesson!  Today they wanted to learn how to do pancakes as Shrove Tuesday is next week, wish me luck!

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