Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Had to do the dreaded supermarket trip this morning and Asda was so busy even at 9.30am! 

Took these photos of Lucy yesterday afternoon while she was trying to sleep!!

As I'm typing this at 1.19pm its started to snow again!!!  Hopefully it won't stay as I admit I'm fed up with the snow now, theres only so many snow photos you can take, trust me!!

My Star Filter for my camera arrived this morning, a little bit late!  I ordered it at the beginning of December for me to use to take some photos of the Xmas tree (in the end I actually made one) but it will keep and I can use it for lights etc.  Will try and practice with it later, right now I'm off out for a coffee and look round our local craft shop with a friend.


Jane said...

lol let me guess - you didnt buy a thing????

Scrapping4fun said...

Not scrapbooking no! Bought a ball of wool!