Thursday, 14 January 2010

Free Online Photography Course + Flower Tutorial

Here on the Paislee Press Blog starting on Friday 22nd January for four weeks.

What am I expecting? What is this anyway? Basically, we’re going to start out with (at least) the next four Fridays being dedicated to helping you all bloom and grow in your abilities, talents and confidence as photographers.We’ll have a post and then following the post we’ll have an assignment to help you challenge yourself and develop.  We will have a forum and a flickr group for you to post these photos in and support and watch each other grow. The posts will be something that will help you stretch and think a bit outside of yourselves. Nothing too intense or laborious – we’re thinking more like "Stretching" and "Exercises" – maybe like yoga for you and your camera.

Excellent flower tutorial here on Anna's Blog.

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domestic goddess said...

glad you liked the flower tutorial